Choosing the category of services

Our goal is to provide services required by you in a timely and convenient manner. You are able to use the search option on our Hoda bass website and the Hoda bass Mobile Application to easily search for the services you require.

  • Choose the search option on your Main Menu, to type in the type of services required. This option is provided in Both English & Sinhala. Ex: if you are looking for a Carpenter type in ‘Carpenter ‘ ( English) Or ‘ Wadu Bass’( Sinhala)
  • You can also use the ‘select category’ option to choose a category already entered. You are then allowed to select the location services are required by clicking on the ‘Select Area’ button.
  • Another easy method of selecting required services introduced on the website is the Category Icon.
  • In order to search for a more specific service in a specific area you are also able to add filter to your search.

If you need further assistance in listing your services, further to following steps given above, please contact us on 011 4 326 770 One of our skilled representatives will assist you.