Privacy Policy

In order to provide a safe, useful and a timely service, it is important for hodabass.lk to collect, screen, record and present information to the public.

What we collect

Information shared on hodabass.lk is freely accessible for public and cannot STRICTLY use for any other purposes. We collect, screen and store the following personal information:

  • Email addresses
  • Contact information
  • IP addresses of users
  • Computer sign-on data
  • Web login information
  • Google Analytics and Statistics
  • Traffic to and from hodabass.lk and comments to the service providers

What we do

We collect, screen, record and use selected information of good service providers in the household repairs and construction industry to bridge the gap between service providers and households/offices.


We do not demand money from service providers for listing their information on hodabass.lk site. Also we do not sell information to households and offices for sharing information.

Communiqué & other tools

You agree to obtain information about service providers in the construction field. If you do not wish to obtain such information via our website or mobile app, simply send us an email via stated email address.

Security & Offenses

We use lots of security plug-ins and tools for your safety and to protect your information against unlawful access & disclosure.

You are not supposed to copy the content from our site/app for further use and if you are traced by Google intelligence and/or highlighted by any of our security plug-ins, company will take necessary legal action without prior notice.

Copying content directly or indirectly, imitating the look and the feel, following same search engine styles will not be considered as good industry practices.

Contact details

Customer Support e-mail: [email protected]

Unsubscribe information

If at any time you wish to have your details removed from the website HodaBass, please contact us or mail us.