Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How to add my service as a ‘worker’ (Bass / Baas/ බාස්..)

  1. Click on the ‘Add My Service’ Button.
  2. You will be then asked to provide a few details such as your Name, Address, Contact Numbers, NIC details and the nature of your service.
  3. Once the above details are entered press the ‘Send’ button.
  4. Once we have correctly received your information a green message box appears on the screen confirming your entry.
  5. If you have not entered the required details, a Red message box will indicate so. Carefully re- enter the details according to guidelines given.
  6. Your listing will appear on our website after your authenticity is certified.

2. I‘m getting contacted about an ad I didn’t post. Can you help me?

Yes, of course. Call us on 011 432 6770 & we will help you accordingly.

3. Are these workers trustworthy?

The service providers are same as any other worker. Owner should be aware. is only an intermediary.

4. Have these workers provided honest information, such as experience?

Most of the time yes.

Most of the published information of Service Providers have been gathered through the information they have sent with the News Paper Ad. Other information has been gathered from known parties. Hodabass Customer Service calls all the service providers in every 4 months. Therefore, info gets verified twice. Service receiver can double check with the reviews they have received & by directly contacting them.

5. I’m busy can I book a worker?

Call us on 011 432 6770 or use the following link to book a bass.

Within 24 hours Hodabass Customer Service will reply you with the details of available bass (Service Providers).

6. Do I have to pay for this service?

No. This is an absolutely free service.

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